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    An der Pulvermühle 18
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  • Type of budgets we typically work with: €100 - €1,000

    We specialize in web design - website creation & Google optimization service. We do high quality work quickly.

    We specialize in web design - website creation & Google optimization service. We do high quality work quickly. Here is what we can:


    Web design Germany. Programming. Domains.

    In the shortest possible time, we'll develop an beautiful web design with an easy-to-use menu and the most attractive information presentation. We use cutting edge technologies and practice and individual approach to every client. You can choose a web designer from our catalogue whose style and ideas correspond to your wishes. If you have a webpage whose web design you'd like to change you can order a draft: you just need to provide us with your web address. And if you have no webpage at all yet, the best thing you can do is to contact us!

    About web programming:

    Programming transforms a homepage from a mere collection of information into an automated interactive system. Web programming makes all this possible:
       quick and easy information editing, news updating and creating of new sub-sites and sections thanks to a modern site administration system
       protection from unapproved access
       flexibly systematized customer interaction
       creation of online-shops and online-auctions
       a large palette of applications (calendars, calculators, organizers) to be used online at the homepage
       automatization of a large routine work load, e.g. processing of customer inquiries, optimized scheduling etc.
       and much more…
    Do you have any suggestions? Just contact us.

    You need the perfect domain name for your homepage – a short one, easy to remember, reflecting your company's profile? We'll find one for you. If need should arise, we'll negotiate to buy the domain for your at the lowest possible price. We also have a collection of free & expired domains.
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    Google optimization & promotion

    Apart from web design we also offer google optimization & promotion services. Our special techniques can place your homepage among the first google hits for a specific search. Search machine placement in google is a difficult process which needs much time and work, but it's worth it: more and more customers are lead by google search machine.

    About search engine optimization:

    Search engine optimization consists of many proceedings which lead to a better position in search engine hit lists. The closer to the top, the more relevant: this is what users and search engine developers want. The aim of the optimizer is to prove that your site is more relevant than that of your competitors.

    You might be thinking that you know everybody in your business and that, as they don't invest into search engine optimization, the optimizer has an easy job. But no – just try and google a relevant query, look how man sites are listed. All those are regarded as relevant by the search engine, all of them are to some degree your competitors.

    Search algorithms are not disclosed by search companies; however, we know that over two hundred criteria play a role in the positioning. Crucially, the text should correspond to the query; it is beneficial if sites with similar themes contain links to the site in question. Search algorithms contain filters which can, with some degree of precision, differentiate between factual relevance and manipulation. It can happen to a perfectly "honest" site, though, that such a filter works against it.

    An optimizer must convince a search engine of a site's relevance without raising the suspicion of manipulation. As search algorithms are continuously being changed, the position of a site may shift even after it has been optimized.

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    Graphic design. Business cards, posters, flyers

    We'll develop your individual company style. Logos, business cards, webpage — all this will have a special recognizable style. We can also produce posters, flyers and other advertising material.

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    IT services. Installation and customization of computer servers

    In the area of Dusseldorf, Cologne and Bonn we offer IT services including the delivery of computers, servers and programs, their installation and customization.

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    Networking and Internet

    In the area of Dusseldorf, Cologne and Bonn we can also create peer-to-peer or dedicated file-server networks, install and adjust servers, turning your office into a united information space with Internet access.

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    System administration

    System administration of networks and servers also belongs to our services. We can organize:
       a sensible company policy regarding the employees‘ access rights
       complex protection form hackers, safety and information protectors within the company's infrastructure
       regular data back-ups

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    Computer repair and maintenance services

    We offer computer maintenance and repair services for companies and private customers. If possible, we will work per internet remote access, thus reducing your computer's downtime. We can also work on-site in the area of Dusseldorf, Cologne and Bonn. Our services include:
       elimination of bugs, hardware- and software problems
       installation and customization of computer program
       virus removal; reestablishing of a working state after a virus attack
       installation of complex antivirus systems and safe internet connections

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