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    xanity design

    xanity design

    Lisbethstraße 8a
    30161 Niedersachsen
  • +49 322 11 22 68 07 17
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  • Type of budgets we typically work with: €500 - €2,000

    We can offer a wide array of services, which can be tailored for you and your project.


    Our network of expert designers and programmers is designed to scale up or down to suit your project's needs. Thus we can offer a wide array of services, which can be tailored for you and your project.

    This list is not exhaustive – if your project has special requirements that you don't see here, feel free to contact us to enquire if we can make the necessary adjustments.

    Please also be sure to have a look at some of our work examples to get a feel for some of our previous projects, and see our list of clients.

    Design services Programming services Consulting services
    Graphic design GUI design Icon design Corporate design/
    corporate identity
    Logo design Desktop publishing Print advertisements Digital pre-press Trade fair displays Book design Publication design Business papers
    (business cards,
    letterheads, flyers,
    signage, etc.)
    HTML/CSS/XHTML XML/SOAP Javascript Ajax/jQuery CMS
    (Typo3, Silverstripe, Fork)
    (incl. frameworks
    such as Cake)
    MySQL PostgreSQL
    Server hosting Server administration
    (Linux/UNIX or
    Mac OS X)
    Internet connectivity Printing consultancy Online marketing Search engine
    optimization (SEO)
    Web project management

    About us

    Xanity Design is a network of graphic designers, web designers and programmers dedicated to making the Internet a better place, bit by bit.

    The network's beginnings were in the web design business initiated by John Grantham in 1999. John has been working as a self-employed professional web designer since 1997, and was building websites as early as 1994. He holds a college degree in graphic design from the University of Applied Sciences of Hildesheim, as well as an associate degree in art and design.

    Since then John has actively sought out a team of partners who work in the areas of PHP programming, SQL databases, content management systems, web hosting, server administration and much more. All members of our network are dedicated to the highest standards of quality and technology, while also striving to be affordable for small businesses. This informal network under John's management is called Xanity Design.

    Where we are

    The center of our network is in Hannover, Germany, but our network spans the globe. We have consultants located in Colorado, California, Romania, Russia and the UK. Since our network is entirely online, time zones and distance don't matter – we're always available when you need us.

    Our philosophy

    We strive to satisfy our customers' needs and wishes, while also maintaining the highest possible standards. We do our best to squeeze every bit of potential out of the tools and budget that we can. Because of our network nature, we can scale up or down as needed for large or small clients – no project is too large or too small.

    Furthermore, because of our network nature, we can offer lower prices than a typical Web agency – we don’t have the overhead of paying a salaried staff or renting office space. Thus we are more flexible and yet cheaper – often much cheaper – than a professional Web agency.

    Our best advertisement: Satisfied clients

    Xanity Design has a long list of satisfied clients built up over the years. We are very proud of the fact that most of our clients have come to us because of recommendations from other clients.

    Like our network members, our clients are from around the world: we have worked for clients in Germany, the UK, the USA, France, Norway, Korea and Australia.

    We invite you to have a look at some examples of our work on the Portfolio page, or contact us directly for a quote for your project. We would be delighted to have you become yet another satisfied client.

    Find us elsewhere on the Web

    We are easily found on major networking websites. Feel free to link up with us on any of the following profile pages: