Learn how to connect an HTML form to the database and email! It takes only 3 minutes. Read more

This service sends information from any web form to the database and email...

...you can do it too in a few minutes with our smart Javascript form connector!

If you are asking how to

Then you are looking for SForms!

Web Developers' SForms connects any existing HTML form on your page to the database and all submissions will be mailed to recipients of your choice. Files uploaded through your HTML form are of course fully supported. And you can manage web submissions using our friendly administration!

What do I need to use SForms?

All you need to do is to copy and paste a short javascript code on your page with any unconnected HTML form(s). You don't even need to have any particular server-side scripting language installed.  Any static HTML page will do just fine. You don't believe us? Try it out! It takes literally few minutes to make it work.

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