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    The iDevelopment Team

    The iDevelopment Team

    2 Runnymede Court
    19438 Montgomery
    United States
  • 0333 240 6882
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  • Type of budgets we typically work with: $200 - $1,000

    iDevelopment is a young, creative and vibrant web development company that offers an all-encompassing service.

    Based in Jersey in the Channel Islands, The iDevelopment Team consists of 18 graduate designers, developers and marketing experts, our team will guide you through every step of your project, from the initial graphic design to the web development and search engine/social media optimisation. Between us the iDevelopment team have more than 100 years’ experience in web development and internet marketing. If it’s a unique, creative approach you need, with efficient and professional programming, then look no further.
    The atmosphere in our office is friendly and professional and there is an air of unhurried, quiet efficiency - feel free to drop in....

    How we approach web development


    Web development is a broad term for the work we do in developing a website for the internet or, in some cases, intranet. This includes collaborative efforts from our web design team, web content development, client liaison, client-side/server-side scripting, web server and network security configuration teams. We also refer to “web development” as the main non-design aspects of building web sites: writing mark-up and coding. Web development can range from developing the simplest static single page of plain text to the most complex web-based internet applications, electronic businesses, or social network services.

    Web development is a collaborative effort between departments, rather than the domain of a designated department. Our process works in stages – planning and research, design, development and testing. We have a dedicated team for each role.

    Our typical web development services

    Typically our web development team is busy creating:

    •    bespoke content management systems
    •    custom ecommerce development
    •    integratable Forums and chat room software
    •    social Marketplaces
    •    auctions sites
    •    directories
    •    social networks
    •    estate argent /property rental sites
    •    bespoke software and script development

    Our Web Development Skills

    All our staff are specially selected for their skills and qualifications. You can be sure that your developers are all graduates and trained in the following skills.

    •    PHP
    •    MY SQL
    •    HTML (XHTML & HTML5)
    •    CSS
    •    ASP & VBScript
    •    C# & VB.Net
    •    Flash & ActionScript
    •    Java
    •    JavaScript & AJAX
    •    CakePHP
    •    CodeIgniter

    Contact us today to discuss how we can help you improve the online presence for your business.

    How we approach web design

    For us, web design is the process of planning and creating a website, and this includes many different roles and responsibilities for our designers. They can tackle anything from creating content and sourcing images to interpreting wire frames and site maps.
    All this is then cleverly shaped by the designer to produce the page you see on the web browser. As a whole, the process of web design includes conceptualisation, planning, producing, post-production, research, advertising as well as media control that is applied to the pages within the site by the designer or group of designers with a specific purpose. The web design team works closely with the web developer and internet marketing team to make sure your site not only functions as it should but also has the best chance of being seen by the major search engines.

    We consider our team to be world class and with an international profile spanning all four corners of the globe we use our expertise to offer you more than just a great web design. We will make your website stand out from all the rest, setting you apart from your competition.

    Please find some of our most common web design services below:

    Custom and bespoke web design and development

    We consider what we do to be an art. We beautifully translate your ideas into a website that is tailored to suit your needs and that you can to be proud of. Whether it’s a simple 10-page brochure site, an all-singing, all-dancing social network or marketplace, we create a perfect combination of superlative content and handsome design that grabs your audience’s attention and imagination. Our websites are alive with passion and creativity! Let our team of designers and developers make your dreams come alive. For a team like ours, nothing is impossible.

    Ecommerce Solutions

    Shopping, spending and buying online is the current craze among web surfers. Less hassle, less talk – all you need to do is to click the right things at the right site. Easy-peasy!

    A successful ecommerce website comes in a package; handsome design, performance (of course!), appealing appearance, and the most crucial part – user-friendliness – for both you and your visitors. An online spree should be worry free and with the help of our outstanding ecommerce technology, shopping online is always a pleasure.

    Content management systems (CMS)

    We use a specially customised content management system to maintain and keep your site updated. It’s easy, no training needed and can be utilised 24/7 as long as you are connected to the net. And, most importantly, it won’t leave a hole in your pocket!

    Corporate identity – logo design & branding

    It doesn’t matter how complex your business is, as long as your identity reflects the reality.

    As products and websites become much the same, consumers are increasingly making distinctions based on your identity rather than what you are selling. Your identity is the only difference that you have compared to your competitors. Luckily for you, it’s our pleasure to bang our heads together to develop a brand new look for your business based on your goals and directions. Once your image is conceived, then we can party!