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    Mineral, LLC

    Mineral, LLC

    824 N. Victory Blvd.
    91502 Los Angeles
    United States
  • +1 866 202 9532
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  • Type of budgets we typically work with: $1,000 - $5,000

    Mission: To help our clients reach their business goals through effective and innovative Internet solutions.

    What is Mineral?

    Mineral is a synergy of the core disciplines in web development. The services work together to navigate the vast Internet industry, sharing components and strengthening projects across the board.

    • Over 50 years combined experience
    • High-quality Design and Technology.
    • Improve and/or complete existing company websites
    • Create clever concepts that change the way our clients do business
    • Provide our clients with measured results
    • Provide superior customer service
    Our team isn't just versed in digital technology. We were participating in the design and expansion of the Internet when our competitors were still playing in the analog sandbox. Find out what our experience, expertise and creative energy can do for you.

    We're a different kind of technology company, offering top-tier Internet and digital-media services with a human face - emphasizing personal attention and original strategies for the overall health and growth of your brand.

    Sparkly Design

    Our daily mission is to produce smart and beautiful designs that communicate brands and engage audiences while integrating intelligent information architecture and technology. We leverage our expertise of the web and the knowledge of your business to explore all avenues and produce the best custom websites within budget, every time.

    Yes, we have been doing this for quite some time, but we don't take our experience for granted. We constantly challenge the Internet's volatile standards in order to craft solutions that creatively and effectively make a difference.

    Development Process Brief
    We involve you at every step of the project. Here is an overview of how our websites are built. Our entire process is a bit lengthier but we'll give you the whole picture as we start your project.

    Research and Planning
    We take your vision, experience of the market and knowledge of your customers. We add the user's data, brand values and our web expertise. We mix it all together to create a unique and effective strategy.

    Architecture and Design
    Time to map out the entire site, from the foundation to the entryway. And in comes the creative vision, followed by fine-tuning and usability testing.

    Production and Integration
    Your website comes to life as the design is coded in conjunction with the selected database, CMS or ecommerce solution finishing with (the results) happy clients and very nervous competitors.