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    274 E 14th Ave
    43201 Franklin County
    United States
  • 3154305506
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  • Type of budgets we typically work with: $7,500 - $20,000

    Creatively Bold. Humbly Priced. Websites, mobile apps, user experience, user interface design, logos and branding...you name it.

    Our agency was born of necessity and founded on a simple premise: Advanced technology only matters in business if you can afford to employ it. If you are a small to mid-sized business, or just an entrepreneur with a great idea who is seeking assistance in creating something awesome… Well then, we would like to be the first to welcome you home!

    We have formed a global team of creative, small-business professionals whose unique skill sets can be harnessed and quickly tailored to your project specs, and we stand ready to become your first truly affordable digital partner. Have we piqued your interest? Does this sound like you? Do you have a tech hungry project or idea, without the typical big-business budget to match? 

    We believe it’s important for you to understand how Designli.co was born, how we overcame these very same challenges (and crazy small budgets) with our own first, fledgling company, and how (and why) we are employing our network and experiences to help others to afford the technology and professional, creative services that were previously beyond their financial reach.

    Ours is a classic “Necessity is the mother of all invention” tale, beginning with the creation of our first company found at Applits.com some two years ago. Applits set out to ambitiously shake up the mobile applications industry by creating the apps that everyday people wanted, identified through a public app idea competition. The submitter of the winning idea, as well as everyone else who helped along the way by coming up with ideas and features for the app, would then share in the profits. It was an especially gradiose idea for a founding team that had never started an internet company before, let alone one in the app space.

    Not far into our venture, we came to a disturbing conclusion: that it was impossible to find the kind of high-quality app design and development work we needed while being on a shoestring budget. Instead, our projects continuously fell into one of two unfortunate categories: either being left with a sub-par project result due to budget limitations, or watching costs balloon as development teams made excuses for why they should have "estimated" a higher cost at the beginning.

    It was at this time that we realized there was a severe lack of agencies that focused on satisfying the needs of small to medium-sized businesses and individuals. What's more, we grew to dislike the notion of hourly pay, which caused further unforeseen expenses as excuses of "this is taking longer than we thought" began to surface. There was no truly affordable yet high-quality option.

    Our solution was found through yet another ambitious venture: the assembling of our own digital agency, consisting of talented teams of designers and developers from around the world. What resulted is a network of raw talent that we now use for our Applits apps. Our workflow became so perfected that we've decided to open up all these same benefits to others in a similar position. And this falls into perfect alignment with satisfying the needs of other individuals or small to medium-sized businesses.

    We are unique in our fixed-price project quotes where you can be confident that your expenses won't balloon. We are also unique because of our affordable price yet high standard of quality. In working with Designli, you will discover that the key to your project’s future is now much closer and far more affordable than you had thought possible.